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Address : Gorey School of Art, Mary Ward Lane, t. Michael's Road, Gorey

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Periphery Space is a professionally managed art space in Gorey.

It is an environment where new ideas, discourses, and processes in contemporary art, film and photography will be fostered and formed.

It provides a dynamic series of workshops and short courses for the enthusiast and the professional. These workshops are designed to support the development of the artistic communities that surround our space.


Creativity craves a space for human engagement. Our exhibition space will fulfill that need through a framework of submission, curation and invitation processes that engage and support local and national artists in the engagement and display of their work.


Creativity needs time and peer-support. We believe in supporting artists by providing them with the space, environment, constructive and professional feedback that will help towards developing and sustaining their creativity into the future.


At the heart of our endeavour is art education. We host talks, workshops and courses that critically engage the head and the heart in the unending development of the artist.

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