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Seal Rescue Ireland Virtual ‘Seal Feed & Enrichment’ Experience

Vision Statement: ‘Healthy Seas, Healthy Seals’

Mission Statement:

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) is a registered charity that works around the clock to rescue, rehabilitate and release seal pups found sick, injured or orphaned across the coast of Ireland. As the only seal rescue centre in the Republic of Ireland, they respond to reports nationwide and aim to rehabilitate the pups back to full health so they can be returned to the wild. SRI promotes ocean conservation and sustainability through education, community outreach and research programmes, in order to protect our marine environment and all life within.

Seal Rescue Ireland Virtual ‘Seal Feed & Enrichment’ Experience

The in-person experiences are currently on pause due to covid-19, but with our Virtual ‘Seal Feed & Enrichment’ Experience, we will bring the excitement of our rescue centre directly into your home! This experience gives you the unique opportunity to have an in-depth look into the world of wildlife rehabilitation at Ireland’s only seal rescue centre. Meet our adorable seal pups up close and help us get them one step closer to being released back into the wild!

Your experience will begin with an educational talk about the different types of seals in Ireland, the threats facing them, and how you can help create a safe environment for seals in the wild. Next, we’ll bring you behind the scenes for a tour of the hospital where you’ll hear the stories of the rescue seals currently in care and meet them up close and personal. You will have the opportunity to join as we give enrichment items to keep the seals happy, healthy and mentally stimulated while in our care. Finally, you get to watch the seals gobble down some fish at one of their daily feeds in our rehabilitation pools and observe them dive, compete, and develop the skills they’ll need to flourish in the wild!


Our 45 minute Virtual ‘Seal Feed & Enrichment’ Experiences run four times a week (Thursdays & Fridays at 5pm GMT and Saturdays & Sundays at 3pm GMT) with up to 10 participants per online tour. There is a participation fee of €12 per Adult (13+) and €8 per Child (3-12), and as always, all funding goes to support hospital operations costs. For more information and to make bookings visit us at:

Upon booking you will receive an email with a link and details on how to join us on Zoom through your desktop or mobile device.

By booking a Virtual Seal Feed & Enrichment Experience you are supporting SRI’s life saving work. We hope you’ll leave this experience with a greater respect and understanding of this remarkable animal, which plays a critical role in Ireland’s marine ecosystem, and feel inspired to do everything you can to help us protect them!





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