Lonely Cloud: International Photography Exhibition Opening by George Muncey

International solo exhibition at Periphery Space!

George Muncey (b.1995) is our invited artist for Peripheries 2019. George is a fine art film photographer based in London, working primarily with large format 8×10 cameras, which evoke the camera obscura, a forerunner of the modern camera which artists like Vermeer used to make paintings almost 400 years ago. Instead of taking self portraits, George turns his lens toward people who he can relate to, and captures landscapes and scenes which aim to show the country in its current pivotal state. His photographs are excerpts from an ongoing exploration of his identity, and his relationship with the United Kingdom.

Online platforms

Within a blended family of analogue and digital George also makes videos and a print magazine under the name of Negative Feedback, aiming to inform, celebrate and champion everything about film photography in the digital age, with what he describes as “love and care”.

23 years of age, George uses online platforms to communicate his story, his evolution as an artist, and contribute to his community and to the photography community at large with his photography, zines, videos and interviews with the emerging and established (those terms again) of the photography world. Couple this with the knowledge that George is a huge figure in the world of YouTube and we arrive at a strange juncture. His channel, Negative Feedback, has over 185,000 subscribers, which is a fact that would leave most contemporary artists uncomfortable as it brings us closer to something commercial. It is this tension that we want to explore during Peripheries 2019.

Periphery Space at Gorey School of Art

The event is finished.


Jul 19 2019


7:00 PM - 10:00 PM



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periphery space, Gorey School of Art, Mary Ward Lane, St Michael's Road, Gorey, Wexford, Y25 YW35, Ireland
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