Mintel Presentation on Global Consumer Trends 2019

Gorey Library will host A Mintel presentation on “Global Consumer Trends 2019 and beyond” on Tuesday 29 October 2019 4pm – 5pm with Brian O’Connell and James Wilson, Mintel as part of the ‘Work Matters at the Library’ programme supporting business and employment.


Find out what key drivers of consumer behaviour over the next 12 months and beyond might affect your business.

Mintel’s 2019 Trends were launched a year ago, and Mintel have reviewed how these have played out in that time, and what impact they continue to have on the consumer landscape.

From plastic pollution to the impact of social media on mental health, keeping on top of what is front of mind for consumers has never been more important, and understanding what is happening now helps businesses to predict what will happen next.

The presentation will examine trends in consumer lifestyle and food, digital online brand persona, and innovations in single use plastics replacements.

Global Consumer Trends are examined under four headline trends: Total Wellbeing, Challenge Accepted, On Display, and Rethink Plastic.

· Total Wellbeing: Consumers are treating their bodies like an ecosystem and seeking solutions that complement their personal health and evolving needs.

· Challenge Accepted: A growing momentum to take on new challenges is driving consumers to reach new heights and uncover new passions.

· On Display: People and brands have become more aware that they have a digital persona to nurture and grow as much as they have a physical self.

· Rethink Plastic: Plastic is not inherently bad, but our throwaway use of it is. Brands and consumers are reviewing their own behaviours.


Tel: Gorey Library on 053 9421481 to book your place at this free event.


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Oct 29 2019


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