Teresa Murphy Moore Wellness Talk

Join Teresa Murphy Moore for a free talk on everything yoga/ spirituality/self-love, self-care, True (Vital) health, in The Vital Health Cafe on December 7th!

The power of mantra ( repetition of sacred sound ) and chant ( the use of the human voice to generate energy in the body/ mind) has existed for thousands of years, and now, more and more people are becoming more open to this ecstatic mode of healing, simply because it works!

The science is, (in a nutshell) through the repetition, we use our full breath and also the fullness of the body to regulate the nervous system.
The constant and consistent mantra generates wellness healing and explosions of bliss! Combined with the intention it becomes a powerful tool, to create our vision for our lives as we become laser-focused in the chanting sessions, this is how we create. From focus comes clarity, (the universe loves clarity.) Therefore as well as mantra chant being pleasurable, healing and very joyful, it is also a practical tool as it has unseen power, which we draw on from the other dimension of our higher selves.

One does not need the experience to feel the power nor a singing voice as the chant is not really singing but it’s like singing your prayers out as the mantras dance on the tip of your tongue!

Healings have been experienced from chanting and a deep feeling of connection to oneself, spirit therefore santosha,
satisfaction deep contentment inside from the first session.

Teresa will share this magical practice with you as she discusses life, spirituality, Yoga among other similar interesting subjects and If you have an interest in Yoga Teacher Training, Teresa will weave in why and how all this is relevant, especially to these times we are in.
All hearts all humans welcome!

A little bit about Teresa:
Teresa is the founder of Yoga Sacred Space Studio’s Wicklow town 2008 and has been teacher training the teachers since back then.
Teresa is steeped in her Yogic life and has been deeply into this spiritual quest from childhood. She travels the globe teaching, sharing, absorbing and deepening her wisdom.

Teresa has spent much time in India training and gathering knowledge whilst learning the practices of this rich science called Yoga.
She has thousands of hours of training behind her plus is endlessly exploring, learning.

Recently Teresa was a spiritual teacher to Russell Brand who shared similar insights and wise observances and who has a deep loves mantra chant also.
She is also a mother of two wonderful girls.

For more information contact Vital Health Cafe  via Email:  Phone: 053 942 2231

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Dec 07 2019


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