The Future of the Mind with Professor Tomas Ryan : Science Week

As part of Science week Gorey Library are hosting a range of fantastic events happening during “WexSci” Wexford Science festival this November!

Event for adults and young people.

What is the future of human evolution? As a species, Homo sapiens is only about 100,000 years old.
At some point in our early evolution, we developed an innate capacity for language that has enabled our apparent success as a species. During this brief moment of evolutionary time, humans became the dominant species on the planet. Our population and behavior is rapidly evolving, not at a biological level, but at a cultural one.
Language and the outsourcing of information has led to our runaway pace of cultural change that far outstrips the pace of evolution by natural selection.  In this lecture, Tomas Ryan will argue that cultural evolution can be rightly considered as a continuation of biological evolution, and furthermore as a means to directing future evolution by natural and cultural selection. He will argue that our instincts are formed by ‘copying’ preexisting memories,
and that it may eventually be possible for our future evolution to be driven not just by factors important for basic survival and reproduction rate, but also by our culture and education.

Phone: (053) 9421481 to book.

For more information, contact via email or call 053 919 6560

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Nov 21 2019


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