Kilmichael Point

Kilmichael Point

When you arrive at Kilmichael Point, the first thing you’ll see is the impressive old Coastguard building on the right-hand side. With seven bays and two storeys, it dates from 1870-1880. Burnt down in 1922, it was restored in 1999.
With a small sandy beach to the north, it’s a popular spot for fishermen, who’ve been known to catch some flatfish, dogfish, and bass here. You might even catch your dinner!
Kilmichael Point lies at the very northern point of Wexford’s coast. The county’s long expanse of golden coastline stretches all the way to Raven Point south of Curracloe.
The big attraction in Kilmichael Point is the scenery – northwards to the Wicklow coastline and south to Kilpatrick beach. The unspoilt headland, the green fields, the undulating borough linking it to Kilpatrick beach, and the azure blue of the sea and sky on a sunny day make for a breathtaking vista.

Images courtesy of Deirdre O Flynn

Nearest walk: Kilmichael Point cliff walk to Kilpatrick Beach. It’s not for the faint-hearted and there’s also a route slightly more inland through sand dunes. You’ll pass the ruins of an old watchtower.
If it’s raining: Wexford Lavender Farm,
Nearest golf course: Ballymoney Golf Club
Nearest accommodation: Hotels in Ballymoney, Courtown, Gorey. Caravan Parks locally too.

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