Preparation for Gorey Night Run

Preparation for Gorey’s Night Run

With Lorraine Furney – Gorey Physical Therapy

The Gorey Night is taking place on Thursday 20th February &  it is an event that has really become an important yearly event to the community and now in it’s 5th year! Not only does it raise much needed funds for the North Wexford Hospice Homecare, but it is also a great night for bringing the people of Gorey, the people from the surrounding areas and people from neighbouring towns together. This helps to form an electric atmosphere on the night, while also creating a great sense of community.
The Night of the Run, you can be sure that you will see a massive turn out from all the local running clubs of North Wexford, but it also a great family night also. On the night, you will see many, many families there taking part individually or together (all young children should be supervised that night). There will also be an array of walkers/runners/and walkers who are hoping to progress on to running. And once there is no rain, it is a great night for all the buggy walkers/runners to come out and get a great walk/run in (for safety I would advise you stay at the back of the race. You will be timed from the time you cross the start line).

Over the next few paragraphs I will be giving out some basic advice to the various groups of people. From the experienced runner, to the different array of walkers.

For the experienced event runners, you need very little advice. I will just gently remind you to have good footwear and clothing that you are comfortable in, for the night and to make sure to have appropriate clothing to put on for after the race. Really after that, just do what you enjoy doing.

For the runner who is used to running by themselves or is not used to running in a big group, take the advice that I have given the experienced runner. After this, the biggest tip I could give you is beware of the start. Unless you are used to running in or around 20 minutes or even below it, the start at the front may be a little quick for you. This has been somewhere that I have been fooled myself, then quickly realised that I was going too fast and paid for it later in the race. Don’t mess up your run at the beginning. Maybe stick to middle of the group at the start and run at a pace you are comfortable with. You may be running slightly faster than what you usually do, but this is the norm for a race. You will always get your best times in races as opposed to training. Enjoy the race and make the most of the experience.

For the runner/walker, my main tips would be to wear a couple of light layers when running. It could be very cold that night and when you stop to walk you may get very cold. So even a light layer that might be easy to carry would be a good idea or wear something with longer sleeves. Also make sure to wear comfortable footwear and again beware of the start. This will be too fast for you and it is easy to get caught out here and this could affect how much you can run throughout the race. Stick to the middle of the crowd at the start of the race and you will more than likely get a nice little run in. Also take the advice that I have given the experienced runner with regards to running shoes during the race and wrapping up after the race.

To the walkers, I don’t need to advise you on how to walk and technique. You know what you are doing and just enjoy yourself. All I will say is to make sure to wrap up well and wear sensible runners and clothing. You probably know this already, so after that there is not much else, I can say.

All in all, the main advice I can give after this is enjoy yourself and keep safe on the night and follow the route the Stewarts tell you to go. I look forward to seeing you there on the night and getting together as a community to raise funds for an amazing local charity.

If you have any niggles or injuries that you have sustained, before or after the Gorey Night Run, make sure to get in contact with Lorraine @ 087 2101281 or email For more information go to

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You can register online until Wednesday 19th February for this great event through the following link ( or on the night from 5.30pm)  Best of luck to all involved!