Tech Stars Start-Up Weekend

Your idea in 54 hours

Do you have an idea you’d like to pursue or a problem you’d like to solve, but don’t know where to start (or who to start with)? 
Come along to The Hatch Lab, Gorey, on Friday, March 1 at 6.30pm.

Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend.

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started.

Startup Weekend Gorey is sponsored by Bank of Ireland, Wexford LEO and the Hatch Lab

What do you need to bring?

Lots of energy! You’ll pitch your own idea or listen to others, then vote on the most interesting ideas and form teams with diverse skill sets. You can come with friends, but you’ll get the full experience if you participate in separate teams. Remember, it’s all about the team.

Your idea should be something you have not previously worked on. The idea you pitch and the problem you set out to solve can span social, educational, financial, environmental, or other issues. Over the course of the weekend you’ll be challenged to create a prototype of your MVP, or minimum viable product, that fits the needs of your target customer. You’ll get feedback, iterate, and likely pivot your approach entirely! Important: You cannot have worked previously on your idea.

Techstarts start up weekend in the hatch lab gorey

Who is Startup Weekend Gorey for?

The format allows for people of all backgrounds to take part and contribute! In fact the more diversity the better the ideas!

  • Aspiring & experienced entrepreneurs
  • SMEs who would like to innovate or pivot with a new product or service
  • Developers and other tech-related professionals
  • Designers of all types
  • Non-technical talent (i.e. business, sales, finance, legal, tourism etc.)
  • Students from universities and even schools
  • Professionals looking to switch careers or build new skills
  • Passionate visionaries
  • Lifelong learners

Startup Weekend is your chance to learn how to put your idea into action within a matter of days! Whether you are looking to…

  • Get introduced to the world of startups and entrepreneurship
  • Learn the process of going from concept to creation
  • Meet experienced, talented, and passionate entrepreneurs in Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Join or build an all-star team
  • Make meaningful connections and become part of a global community
  • Learn and practice new skills to take back to your job or beef up your resume

Click here to get your ticket!

This event is open to ANYONE with ANY business idea.  If you don’t have an idea, why not come along and join a team, and/ or help to find an entrepreneurial solution for any of the local and global challenges listed below?  It’s going to be a great weekend!


The Future of Retail
Brexit- challenges & opportunities

The future of commuter towns and villages

Access to clean & renewable energy 
Financial Wellbeing


Digital Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing
Globalisation, Immigration & Integration


Climate Change
Loss of Biodiversity

Air Pollution


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