Courtown has managed to hold onto its old-world charm yet still adapt with the modern world.

The town name is said to date back to 1278 when it was referred to on a lease. However, it wasn’t until 1830 that the town got a huge boost when its harbour was built. The Courtown family owned the estate where the harbour, which cost £25,000 to complete, now stands. As it soon as it was opened, Courtown became a thriving fishing town. The tourists started to arrive in 1863, and they’ve been coming back ever since!

Courtown had been famous for its beaches long before the harbour was built. It also enjoys one of the lowest annual rainfalls in the South East, which is great news for beach lovers. Thanks to all this beautiful weather, Courtown offers many outdoor activities. Any fishing fans in the family? You can go fishing for your own dinner with the Courtown Harbour Sea Angling Association. Depending on what is in season, you will have an amazing choice of native fish, fresh from the sea!

Not only that, but water sports on and below the waves is hugely popular in Courtown. You can learn to sail, scubadive, fish and even rent boats to go on many different types of excursions.

Perhaps you want to get away from it all and hit the greens? Courtown has its very own golf course which was built on a piece of land that was once part of the old Courtown estate.

Everyone is catered for in Courtown. You’ll never have any dull moments in this picturesque seaside resort!



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