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Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend!

amanda doran periphery space

There’s always loads to do in Gorey and North Wexford, both indoors and outdoors, for families and everybody else as well! We’ve picked out our Top 5 but […]


Best Kids’ Camps of the Summer

summer camps north wexford

Looking to entertain the kids or grandkids during July and August? Gorey and North Wexford have an exciting array of summer camps, so there is plenty to choose […]


9 Gardens You Must Visit

North Wexford is blessed with a wonderful climate – it deserves its claim to be the Sunny South East. We’ve got wonderful gardens for you to visit – […]


Conor drums up the beat in Gorey

Conor Moore doesn’t look like your stereotypical drummer – instead, he’s boy-band clean cut and a lovely guy to boot. Having played venues such as Wembley and the […]


5 Beaches You Must Visit

Ballymoney Beach

North Wexford is known for its fabulous beaches, with miles of sand and fabulous coastline. Whether you want to hang out with your family or have a romantic stroll […]


The Bookseller of Gorey

John Wyse Jackson, proprietor Zozimus Bookshop Gorey

In a world defined by phrases such as big data, screen time, or engagement sits a digital-free oasis on Gorey’s Main Street where books from the 1600s sit […]


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