Places to Eat & Drink, Gorey, North Wexford, Ireland


Many of Ireland's top chefs are proud to call Gorey their home.

You'll find a flavour to suit every palate with award-winning menus around every corner.
Gorey prides itself on the number of businesses that are filled with produce grown locally or run by natives to the area. It is the same with all the restaurants, cafés, bars, and others eateries. All are proud to support local suppliers. Ask the source of the meat, veg and sauces and you will find that, more often than not, it is made or grown within the Gorey region. The tastes of  Gorey come alive with each bite – enjoy!
When the sun goes down, the town and villages come alive with pubs filled with local atmosphere, traditional music, and friendly staff to help make your evening end on the highest note. In the quiet local pub, the trad bar, or the “hot to rock” nightclub, you can enjoy a quiet pint or become a disco diva for the evening.
Below is a taste of what we have to offer in Gorey & North Wexford. Click for a list of more places to Eat Out and Pubs in North Wexford.

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