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Hilary Connor is a Transformation Coach.

Her goal with all of her clients is to get you to the next level of success and happiness.
Hilary is passionate about growth and believes that with the right mindset, support & collaboration anything is possible.

She runs her dynamic Coaching & Hypnotherapy practice in Monaseed, Gorey. There she connects with clients via SKYPE and one to one helping each realize their potential.

Having worked in the Wellbeing field for over two decades, Hilary graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with Adv Dip in Coaching with Neuroscience in 2019. She is a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, qualified mentor and Certified Spiritual Healer.

Hilary also holds regular day and weekend retreats helping you to set yourself free from self-limiting beliefs, heal deep and move your life forward into joy, success and accomplishment. Details of upcoming retreats can be found in the events section of her website.

She regularly writes articles on wellbeing and the power of your mind, what’s more how to use it. The best place to find all her features is in the blog section of her website. Her articles have also been published in several media publications, magazines & newspapers, e.g. Irish Independent & Woman’s Way Magazine.

In 2018 she released her debut novel, Saoirse, an inspirational story of love, loss and becoming and became an Amazon Best Seller.

You can contact Hilary to book an appointment or book a place at one of her events by phone or email:

Tel: 086 8494646 email:



Author of Saoirse, available on Amazon UK & US

Paperback Ebook:



T: (+353) 086 8494646




Hilary Conor Life Coach
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