Hi everyone, Clare here from The Refillery Eco Store in Gorey.  I am continuing our monthly blog posts with Love Gorey to share tips and ideas on how we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle with simple changes! 

I hope you find our blogs useful!  I would be delighted to hear any feedback you have on your progress!

6 Reasons to start using Eco Friendly cleaning products at The Refillery.

Many people we speak to at The Refillery are concerned about how toxic the chemicals they are currently using are. They want Eco friendly alternatives to be assured that they are protecting their own bodies, their families and that of the planet. Here are some reasons why changing to Eco Friendly cleaning products today makes sense;

1. To protect your health & wellbeing
Many conventional cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals causing coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, headaches and are also harmful to pets. All of which could disappear once you stop using toxic cleaning products.

2. Make your home a safe Haven
With labels stating warning signs such as flammable or toxic, tells us these chemicals are likely to contain Chlorine and Ammonia and if mixed together can be extremely dangerous. So by switching to Eco Friendly products you are eliminating these risks.

3. Safer for the environment
When you choose to switch to Eco Friendly cleaning products you are doing your bit to protect the environment. Most Green Cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices using non-toxic plant based and biodegradable ingredients. All of which are safe for the environment.

4. Saving money
At The Refillery, we buy all our cleaning products in bulk, enabling you to come with your clean empty bottles and refill with our wide range of products, enabling you to buy as much or as little as you need.

5. Less packaging waste
Many conventional cleaning products are packaged in single use plastic bottles, containing dangerous and corrosive chemicals which therefore cannot be recycled. Because only 5% of plastic produced globally is recycled, just think about how many bottles of toilet cleaner, laundry detergents, surface sprays end up in landfill and our ocean. So refilling these bottles significantly reduces the amount of plastic going to landfill and the ocean.

6. Helping your septic tank or bio cycle
Using Eco Friendly products benefits your septic tank or bio cycle as it works by building up the bacterial cell count in the septic tank, countering the damaging effects of chemicals and cleaners. It contains natural enzymes and works as ideal maintenance products for your septic tanks as well as drains and pipes.

The cleaning products we sell at The Refillery are Lilly’s Eco Clean products. They are clinically tested to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle, are bio degradable and made with consciously sourced renewable plant based ingredients and essential oils. They are not tested on animals, are Vegan friendly, and are made in Ireland.

So, make the right choice today.
Thanks for reading.
Clare @The Refillery

There are so many innovative, sustainable alternatives out there now, and some have been around for years. We need to get back to basics just like our parents and grandparents did. Eco Refill shops and health stores are at the forefront of this and will always be the first to showcase new sustainable products. They are evolving all the time.

So, this month, make one small change, buy a reusable coffee cup or water bottle and try not to buy plastic. It’s harder than you think.

Thanks for Reading,

Clare at The Refillery