Fáilte chuig January 2022, adieu to annus horribilis 2021

 by Michael O’Callaghan

Cahore beach jan 2022



It’s time for some personal renewal.

We have had a lovely Christmas season in Gorey

The children’s smiles on WhatsApp to us

When Santa presents were opened said it all,

There was total joy and ecstasy in their faces

But now Santa is gone back up to the North Pole

His onerous job well done for another year.

Thoughtful presents were given and received,

Greeting cards were posted to family and friends

Now as the annual Christmas frenzy recedes,

Street illuminations are dimmed and quenched,

Festive wrapping paper is recycled.

The Christmas tree is stripped and taken down

Crib figures are safely boxed and stored,

All our decorations and baubles are wrapped

And placed in safe hibernation in the attic till Yuletide 2022

Inevitably festive waistbands expanded too,

From excess of turkey, ham, and delicious goodies and drinkies a plenty

It’s time for extra walks of 10000 steps duration,

Maybe we need more gym routines,

Hill, road, and beach walking beckon as well.

Dieting too, less calories, all junk food banned.

It’s time for New Year resolutions and a new way of living

For the month of January at least.

Is all that pudding and Christmas cake gone? Oh yes, Thank God.

Chocolates banned, until Easter at least,

No more desserts or biscuits please,

Livers to be rested and renewed as well,

With all wines and alcohol to be banned

Or maybe confined to one weekend per month,

At least we can promise ourselves this in our new year resolutions.

Suddenly other realities of everyday living dawn.

We are now entering the post extravagance season

Now it’s time to look at the bills,

Oh Yes, credit cards may have been overstretched a bit,

We must dip our central heating oil tanks,

ESB, gas and fuel bills must be paid, groceries need restocking.

Credit Unions loans, Bank overdrafts, visa bills,

Car, House, and Health insurance need attention,

Property and PAYE taxes are lurking in the background now, the garden too,

But what the hell! we had a great Christmas,

And New Year’s Eve too, ringing out the old and ringing in the new.

And the good news is that we will do it all again in 2022.

Let’s be full of good cheer and hope we can all be happy, fit, and healthy,

And be enabled, with less Covid about, to live our lives to the full again.

Happy New Year to you all.  Sláinte.   Mick O Callaghan Jan 6th, Nollaig na mban 2022