Working from Home? Some Tips to Make Life Easier.


These past few months have been challenging for most of us and have caused a lot of changes, with some even being for the better in the long term. One of the welcome changes that have occurred is the opportunity to work from home. Though this may not be ideal for some, for others, it has something that they have yearned for, for years after having long commutes, taking time away we will never get back.
Though working from home may be a welcome change, it may not have happened at an ideal time, considering schools and childcare is closed, leaving many to work from home and mind children. Far from ideal. Also, many of us may not have ideal workspaces for working at, which can take it’s toll on the body. Making life, slightly more difficult again.
Now while I may not be able to offer childcare solutions, I can give some basic advice on how to make your work space a bit kinder to you and also lend some advice on how to prevent yourself from getting aches and pains.


So, here we go……..Organising Your Workspace to Suit You


• When seated, make sure your feet are flat on the ground. You may need to put something under your feet to do this i.e. a footstool.
• Make sure that you are resting your back against your chair.
• Try keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle and keep your wrists straight when typing or using the mouse. You may need to get a higher chair or place a cushion on the seat to raise yourself higher.
• Keep the screen at arm length from you. This may seem like it is way too close to you, but as the day goes on and you get more you will find yourself leaning in closer to the screen if it is much further away.
• If you are working with a laptop and find that your neck is tense/sore, try get a keyboard to work with it so that you can have the keyboard at wrist and elbow level and the screen at eye level. This way you will not affect your neck.
Now some of you may have been thought or know how to efficiently lay out your office space. If you still find yourself in pain, here are some tips on changing your daily habits that may help you.


Habits to Help with Daily Working Life

• Try keep your head in line with your shoulders. Sometimes you will find your neck poking forward, try not let this happen.
• Change the position that you are sitting in now and again. Being in the same position for too long (even if your posture is correct) can cause aches and pain.
• Take a break from your seat and screen, every 1-2 hours. Getting up for a couple of minutes and moving the body can do wonders for your body and mind.
• Remember to take your lunch break. When working from home, a lot of us may work through our breaks. Since we are not currently socialising with colleagues, we may skip our lunch breaks and eat while we work. Taking your lunch break is a great opportunity to go for a walk or do some craft work or whatever activity you are interested in doing. This is a great break from work for the body. It is also great for your mind and gives it a break.


Now not all these suggestions may work for everybody, but even if 1 or 2 do work for you, then they are worth implementing into your day as they are all very simple.

For any of you that are finding they need any extra help with work related aches and pains, or any kind of pain and injury, Gorey Physical Therapy is now open again for appointments. If you would like to make one, just contact Lorraine @ 0872101281, [email protected] or check out the website