Christmas Greetings by Michael O’Callaghan

Christmas in Gorey

Christmas Greetings to you

Christmas is such a magical time

For families and children

It is truly an awesome, wondrous time for juniors

With their young minds full of expectation

Because it’s Santa time.

They have seen all the ads on TV and newspapers

Their letters have been written

The sleeps are being counted

The elves are watching closely

 Extra food and treats are being purchased

Presents are bought and wrapped

Christmas cards are written, and posted

Yes, it’s Christmas time alright

The magic is in the air

But its not just all about presents or Christmas cards and treats

Its magical because of all the love shown at this time of year

Our love for each member of our own family

Love for our neighbours and friends

We are all more helpful around the house

Our communications and greetings are courteous and friendly

Co-operation, understanding, and helping are the guiding forces

In all our daily dealings with those around us.

We make a huge effort to love all the deprived people in our area,

By giving more generously to charities at this time of year

Our collective gifts will help people in need.

Most houses put up a Christmas tree

Decorated with lights, santas, and baubles

On top we place a star

To represent the star of Bethlehem

To guide us on our way to Christmas

All these gestures and adornments bring cheer to our lives

But, beyond the decorations we can all be true Santas during this festive time

When we can help to make sure

That no families will be hungry

Or that no child will be without toys this Christmas.

By giving to charities who help them.

I hope our Christmas tree star

Will be a beacon of light, hope and joy for all of us,

But especially for all deprived people in our communities.

When we share, care, and donate we enjoy that special feel-good factor

Have a lovely, peaceful, Covid free, happy, healthy Christmas and New Year

Go raibh rath Dé agus síocháin oraibh um Nollaig agus san Athbhliain

                                                                                   Mick O Callaghan     14/12/2021



Christmas in Gorey
Christmas in Gorey