Sinead O’Sullivan, owner of one of Gorey’s finest ladies’ clothes stores, Fifth Avenue, and the children’s clothes store, KoolKidz, knows a thing or two about shopping. And, as a firm fan of Christmas –and someone who does most of her shopping in Gorey – her advice is to chill this festive season. You will get all that shopping done. You do every year!

Here are Sinead’s Top 5 Christmas Shopping Tips:

1. Shop local

Support local businesses in Gorey and North Wexford this Christmas. You can buy all the top brands in town, so there is no need to leave Gorey at all! On top of that, boutiques and retailers in Gorey give great customer service – which you don’t necessarily receive in the bigger stores at this, the busiest time of the year. And, in local stores, you’re more likely to get the extras, like free wrapping of gifts and quick delivery of your purchases. And, by shopping local, you help to protect local jobs – and that’s always vital.

2. Give yourself time

Don’t leave your shopping too late! Allow yourself time to make the right choices – make a list. Stay calm, the Christmas shopping gets done every year, and this year will be no different!

When you’re shopping, make it a nice experience for yourself. Be in the right frame of mind, leave time to park the car, leave yourself time to visit different shops and to browse.

Sinead O’Sullivan, owner of Fifth Avenue in Gorey.

Sinead O’Sullivan, owner of Fifth Avenue in Gorey.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When you shop local, you get that personalised assistance you just don’t get elsewhere. If you’re looking for a Christmas party dress for yourself or a gift for someone, ask the advice of the assistants in the shop.There’re only delighted to help in terms of sizes available and different options. Gorey is full on independent boutiques so you can often get the advice of the owner herself! You won’t believe the feelgood factor when you buy that outfit for the Christmas party or New Year wedding that best suits you, and all with the help of someone in the shop who wants you to feel your absolute best.

4. Have a budget

Many people feel under pressure to overspend at Christmas.There’s no need as there are always plenty of items in the shops to suit every budget. Don’t make Christmas a stress in your life – picking just the right gift, not the most expensive one, can be half the fun!

5. Pay it forward

If you have a good experience, tell others and leave a positive review online. That’s hugely important for the town in terms of attracting shoppers as well as the individual shops. It’s lovely for staff and the owner to hear your positive feedback – it’s a boost to them and helps to make sure that Gorey’s customer service stays the best.

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