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Hortiland is a North Wexford based gardening company offer landscaping and maintenance services of the highest standard, using just locally grown and sourced plants and materials. Theyfind the best solutions to create the garden of your dreams, personalized touch and long term maintenance plans in mind.

Owner and manager, Orsula Adler is an ambitious and highly trained horticulturist with over 7 years of hands-on and customer-facing experience. Studied in different countries, gained experience working with plants and customers. During this career working with farmers, pesticides, seeds, plant multiplication, garden design, landscaping, maintenance and much much more helped to understand nature more and more.

The team are enthusiastic about plants, people and achieving results, very passionate about sharing knowledge.

“I love growing plants and I love to assist others to create gardens.” says  Orsula.

Creating formal gardens, wildflower meadows, lawn and lighting to each customers individual requirements.



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