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Sound Out Rhythm run drumming workshops in primary and secondary schools – and provide high quality drumming tuition and rhythm projects in an array of drumming.

Over the course of the workshop, it’s important we cover learning about the corners of being a musician/drummer, lifestyle rhythm which entails rhythm through our everyday life; i.e. your heartbeat, your sleeping pattern, the noise outside, and drumming choreography; stick synchronization, Mexican-wave movements, etc.

Conor also runs popular summer camps and is a member of Tied to the 90s, a quaint quartet performing the definitive collection of indie/britpop hits, gems and absolute “tunes”.


Sound Out Rhythm workshops help develop teamwork, listening and performing skills and physical co-ordination. Sessions can run from a single hour taster to a week-long performance-orientated residency. I can work with groups as small as 10 and there is literally no upper limit. All our workshops begin with the basic building blocks of rhythm, inviting participants to explore performance and music using drumming and their bodies.

Conor Moore

Sound Out Rhythm is run by Conor Moore, a well accomplished percussionist. His energetic and infectious movement and confident stage presence are most captivating when he shares his lovable approach to music by applying his full-of-life rhythms to performing, workshops, and lessons.

Conor was born and raised in Gorey. He has been involved in an incredible array of performances and appearances on stage, including in musicals, plays, and pantomimes. Conor’s nature and love of music, however, has its roots deeply planted in traditional Irish music. As such, Conor has marched with pipe bands, read off the music stand, and even tutored people from all over Ireland in the ancient art of drumming.

Globally-renowned platforms

Conor has had the enormous privilege of appearing on globally-renowned platforms, including Dublin’s Olympia Theatre, the X Factor live shows, the 3 Arena in Dublin, Wembley Arena in London, Croke Park, Aviva Stadium, Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, and at numerous American venues in Boston and New York.

He has performed with and supported world-famous artists such as Celtic Woman, Kelly Clarkson (three times) and many others. He even got in front of the camera as the leading drummer for Coláiste Lurgan’s Avicii Vs Lurgan. Conor has taken his infectious rhythms half-way around the world with acts such as Extreme Rhythm, a group which is under the direction of one of Europe’s most in-demand percussionists, Nick Bailey.

And not to forget, the incredible Seo Linn who took the internet by storm with their feature in Coláiste Lurgan’s music videos. Conor spent 3 years with Seo Linn travelling, gigging, recording, and work-shopping all over Ireland and sometime overseas. In this time, Conor proudly partook in such projects as; Music Makers (Finale of The Centenary in March (LIVE) Commissioned by RTÉ), Irish Roar (Official Euro’s 2016 Anthem for Ireland, FAI).





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