Expression of Interest

Gorey Arts & Crafts Hub and Tourist Information Centre,

Gorey Market House.

Closing date 9th June 2023



Wexford County Council  is seeking expressions of interest from artists and crafts collectives (henceforth

“the collective”) to operate an Arts and Craft hub to retail their work and provide tourist information.

The Market House in Gorey is a historic building in the very centre of Main Street. The building may be
developed in the near future either through Public / Private enterprise or through the Council’s own
The current Gorey Visitor Centre located in a unit of the Market House Building is set to close at the end
of May. The current concern operated by the Co. Wexford Chamber comprises a tourist information
centre and retail outlet for artists and crafters.
Wexford County Council acknowledges the need and demand for this service to continue until such time
as the Market House is developed.

Specification of Requirements
Wexford County Council will provide the unit (currently the Visitor Centre) with services free of charge.
Provision will be for an initial six-month period and extended monthly thereafter until the unit is required
for development. A minimum of 6 weeks’ notice will be given of any cessation of agreement and
collective will be informed of any plans for development.
In exchange for the provision of the space without charge, the collective will provide tourism information
to visitors by recommendation, provision of leaflets or digital media pertaining to local attractions.
The collective shall have a right to provide the service in the defined unit. They will be expected to
achieve their earnings by maximising trade through pro-active and commercial management. Tobacco or
alcohol cannot be sold within the premises.
As the building is a protected structure no building works, decorating or other alterations are permitted.
The Art & Craft Hub will play a part in the overall visitor experience for Gorey.

Once appointed, the collective will be responsible for, fire safety, pest control, licence, brand, franchise
fees (if any) at its own cost and no such costs may be re-charged to Wexford County Council under any

Other responsibilities of the collective include:

  • Staffing of the Arts & Craft Hub during business hours (hours to be determined with the agreement
    of the Gorey Kilmuckridge Municipal District Administrator)
  • The display, storage and insurance of all items for sale.
  • Provision of signage (subject to agreement with Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Administrator)
  • Provision of a Tourist Information Service 
  • The disposal and payment of all waste removal. The disposal of waste must comply with Wexford County Council requirements regarding the segregation of waste for recycling.
  • Insuring of all artists’ / crafters’ own equipment; and maintaining following levels of insurance with a
    specific indemnity to Wexford County Council: Public liability – €6.5 million.
  • Payment of commercial rates if applicable.
  • Payment of all necessary commission, brand licence, franchise or other ongoing fees.
  • Complying with all Wexford County Council’s security and other policies applying to contractors/suppliers.
  • Physical security of their own stock and cash.
  • Complying with all governing legislation.
  • Suitable pest control arrangements.

For its part, Wexford County Council will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the fire certificate and Disability Access Certificate for the building is in place and
    providing documentation to the concessionaire. 
  • Provision and maintenance of the structure and fabric of the Market House. This shall exclude the costs of wilful damage or neglect. 
  • Insurance of building structure and contents provided by Wexford County Council.

Wexford County Council will require the collective to nominate a dedicated manager who will act as the
main point of contact with the Council for the duration of the contract (see Appendix A). The manager
shall have the competency and authority to deal with all matters in relation to the agreement and be
responsible for the satisfactory delivery of the services required. The concession manager shall not
change without the Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Administrator being notified. The manager shall
meet with a Wexford County Council representative bi-monthly or as otherwise agreed.

The collective shall collect and retail all sales and will meet all operating costs and expenses involved in
the provision of the Arts and Crafts Hub directly.

It is the policy of Wexford County Council to address the problems of the environment wherever possible
through the use of products that are environmentally sound and through concepts and services that can
be used to monitor, control and protect the environment. Therefore, the collective will be required to
support this policy in the provision of the services, for example through the use of CFC free packaging,
by the separation of waste into compostable, dry waste products for recycling purposes and general
waste, by the non-use of irradiated products, or by the implementation of other such environmentally
friendly procedures or products as requested by Wexford County Council during the agreement.

The collective will also be required to drive sustainability and reduce impact on environment, to include
waste management, water conservation and energy efficiency.

The expressions of interest will be assessed on the following award criteria and weightings: 

Award of concession may be subject to a presentation and clarification meeting. It would be essential that the key personnel assigned to this concession should be available and present at this meeting. 

NOTE 1:  Collectives should note that they must achieve a minimum rating 50% for each of the individual qualitative criteria in order to avoid elimination from the competition.  

NOTE 2:  Collectives should ensure in their tenders that they provide detailed information in respect of all aspects of the award criteria as stated above.  This will enable Wexford County Council to assess fully the extent of their offers.


 Criterion A – Operating Concept – Max. 500 words

Collectives must submit a detailed concept proposal showing how they intend to use and operate the unit. The proposal must be comprehensive and include schedule of opening times indicating seasonal changes, staffing details etc.

Criterion B – Promotion and Marketing – Max. 500 words

Collectives must submit proposals as to how the Arts and Crafts Hub will be branded, promoted & marketed and how this can also be used to benefit the promotion of the north of Co. Wexford.  A demonstration of how they intend to work with LoveGorey, Visit Wexford, North Wexford Tourism and An Bord Failte to promote the Gorey Kilmuckridge District tourism offerings and local arts and crafts shall be evident.

Criterion C – Product Range and Value – Max. 500 words

Collectives must supply a list of the products they intend to sell, how and from whom they will source these products.

Criterion D – Environment and Sustainability – Max. 200 words

Collectives must state how they propose to comply with best practice for environmental sustainability e.g. percentage of cardboard & paper recycled, components etc. Please highlight any environmental/sustainable initiatives you would employ in relation to single use plastics etc.


Closing date for Expressions of Interest is 4.00pm, 9th June, 2023