Gorey Community School have made it to the National Finals of the F1 in Schools Competition


A group of Transition year students from Gorey Community School have made it to the national finals of the F1 in schools’ competition. On the 6th April 2021 they launched the car they are racing in the competition at the branch of Altura Credit Union in Gorey, their Gold Sponsor. The car is called ALTURAZALES.

The challenge of this competition for the team during the pandemic, called on all their skills and resources, to keep the project on track. As they were not in school to work on the project in person many of the meetings had to be held online, which was an additional challenge. Reaching the national finals by this team of local lads is no mean feat.

The competition that they are competing in is called “Formula One in Schools”, the aim of the competition is to build a miniature bespoke Formula 1 car with a support team around it. With this car they will race against other school teams from around Ireland to see whose car can go the fastest. The teams are also judged on who can have the best designed car and the best marketing of the project. The skills required for this project cover Engineering, Business in addition to teamwork.

This local team that has made it to the national finals is called “Gonzales Racing”. The five lads on the school team have played various sports together, over the years, so they are used to working as a team. The team line up for the national final, representing GCS, is as follows:- Tiernan O’Doherty (Team and Sponsorship Manager), Cian Waters (Design Engineer), Billy Trafford (Graphic Designer), Marcus Wallace (Manufacturing Engineer) and Seán Doyle (Marketing and Communications Manager).

The Community school has previously competed in the competition, but this is the first time to reach the national final. To reach this stage the team had to develop a project plan and submit it for consideration. The next stage of the competition is to submit the portfolios which will be explaining what the team has done to design and build the car as well as marketing the car. In addition to this the Team will be judged on a verbal presentation, which will be virtual this year.

The team project plan was based on the need for finance to cover the costs of the design and manufacture. However, it is non-profit making endeavour, for the team and the team are very grateful to all sponsors who have supported them. Altura credit union is our gold sponsor with silver sponsors on board, Brooks Supermarket, Fort Flowers, Marlfield House, Dominic Smith and Staffords Bakery, in addition to a number of bronze sponsors including Pirates Cove.

From the start, the Gonzales Racing team has been greater than the five lads who are leading the team – the whole of Gorey is behind them! If you wish to support this amazing project you can go to their website www.gonzalesracing.net and follow them on social media. You can also Join their Team and enter a competition via the website which puts you in with the chance of winning a Sonos blue tooth speaker sponsored by Dominic Smiths.

For more information visit: https://www.gonzalesracing.net.

We also have a facebook page Gonzales Racing Gorey.
Instagram – gonzales_racing