The Sensory Garden in Gorey Town Park

This community garden offers visitors a place where they can take time out of their day and connect with nature.

This garden is designed to appeal to the main senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

The central raised beds are designed for easier access to particular groups of plants.

The plants in the red raised beds have been chosen to be particularly pleasing to the eye. These include: Geranium Rozanne (cranesbill); Salvia Hot Lips; Erysimum Constant Cheer (wallflower); Papaver Ladybird (poppy); and Achillea Moonshine (yarrow).

The cerise beds feature plants which particularly appeal to the sense of smell, including: Salvia Cerro Potosi; Lavandula Hidcote (lavender); Artemisia Powis Castle (wormwood); and Dianthus Mrs Sinkins (pink).

In the blue raised beds, you will find a range of edible plants including rosemary, chives, thyme, parsley and sage to appeal to your sense of taste.

There are also some incredibly tactile plants which will appeal to your sense of touch.  These are in the orange beds. They include: Stachys Byzantina (lamb’s ears); Eschscholzia Rosa Romantica (California poppy); Stipa Tenuissima (Pony Tails); Pennisetum Hameln (fountain grass); Anaphalis Silver Rain; Caradonna Salvia; and Senecio Angel Wings.

The sound of the water trickling down the standing stone into the shallow pool below plays in the background, as the handcrafted standing instruments are played or strummed to provide music to your ears.

The carefully curated range of plants has been selected to offer something new to see across the seasons, while the delightful pictures on the art boards, created by the pupils of Gorey Central School, ensure that the garden is filled with colour throughout the year.

Our thanks and appreciation go to all involved in the creation of this special space: Wexford County Council, Gorey Kimuckridge Municipal District, Gorey Tidy Towns

Sensory Garden Gorey Town Park
Sensory Garden Gorey Town Park 2023
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