Gorey town has lived up to it’s name this Halloween season and the #averygoreyhalloween brought ghouls and ghosts to the town when several of our business dress up as part of a Fancy Dress Competition run by Love Gorey in conjunction with Gorey Chamber of Commerce and Gorey Visitor Centre!

On Saturday 26th October to kick start the seasonal activities in the town and environs the judging day was set for the Halloween Fancy Dress Competition.  Feedback from the day from both visitors and businesses spoke of the great atmosphere in the town on the day and visitors commenting on the buzz in the town!

The day finished with a Halloween Street event at Gorey Civic Sq. where dance group Main Act Performing Arts School began the event with a Halloween themed Monster Dance Mash-Up, then The Fairy Hooper and Sound Out Rhythm entertained with a Fire Spectacle that was a great hit with the crowd!

Judging this year was by a very dashing and debonair Capt. Jack Sparrow who attracted great attention and banter with the many businesses who dressed up to add to the atmosphere of the town and feedback from the Visitor’s Centre was that many visitors and locals were commenting on the buzz in the town! The judge and Love Gorey visited each business who had emailed in and were amazed at the standard and the effort so many businesses had put into the competition and would like to sincerely thank everyone for their efforts! It really made judging difficult!

The winners were announced on Halloween to close this year’s celebrations of #averygoreyhalloween but next year is looking frightfully promising!


Now it’s simply over to our Judge Capt Jack Sparrow to announce his winners for 2019! 

“To the good dishonest and very scary folk of Goreytown,

Never before have I washed ashore such a place heaving with such a bunch of cretinous miscreants and scallywags, I think I should very much like to visit you all more often.

It was me full intention to raid and plunder your disreputable business before burying me booty in some dark and secret location. However your hedonism and bawdiness has now taken a very special place in me black ‘eart and I’ve decided to share me swag with the lot af ya…

You all very much deserve one of me trinket so I divvied out the goods as evenly as a pirate can, savvy?

In doing so I catagormarised ye out just so.

1. Best Movie Character ~ The wart-ridden witches in Choice – A Home For All Seasons…me favourite being the tasty Red Head.
2. Best Home Made Costume ~ I’ve met some duplicitous chancers in me time, but none as two faced as the Two-Face in Joannes Cafe Gorey…Well done ‘Arvey mate…
3. Best Double Act ~ The complimentary glass of wine ‘ad nothing to do with me choice..well done ye Wine Buffers. The Wine Buff Gorey
4. Scariest Costume ~ Your not supposed to scare away your punters love, but your pale corpse stole me heart to be sure…congratumalations to me Love Mo Chuisle girl….
5. Funniest Costume ~ The fruitiest crew to spice up me rum that day was the fun-loving femmes in the Hungry Bear Gorey
6. Best Make-Up ~ Across the board I was blown away as obviously was the zombie from Mistreetfood Gorey with an unfortunate gunshot wound , I’m awarding this to the unlucky zombie
7. Best Animal Themed Costume ~ I went looking for a parrot, all I found was a mangey Dalmation in Springmount Garden Centre …good girl..’av a bone…
8. Best Film Star ~ To the damsel with the ‘eart as black as me own…Cruella in Fith Avenue.
9. Best ‘I Can’t believe they made me wear this costume’ ~ Ya should get double time for ‘aving to wear that Unicorn horn all day, here – have an apple instead…well done to Unicorn girl in Toymaster Gorey Baileys
10. Best Window Display. This was a toughie…loved the macabre thought gone into Smithbyrne Solutions, the grizzly ‘eads on Jack Dunne’s mannequins, Peigs Flowers was great again too..but I have to hand this one over to Dee’s lingerie shop for her werewolf theme…another reason to go Ow-Ow-Oooowwww as I peeped at her wares!
11. Best Overall Halloween Themed Business…Pickin’ one of you meretricious scoundrels as the overall winner was nigh on impossible….with Joannes bakery running neck and neck with Browns hairdressing Gorey …but I gotta single out the crafty crew in Browns Hairdressing”” out ???????????????? Well done lads.

Special thanks too for all who entered the spooky spirit of the day in including Liz Collins, Murt Walsh, Vital Health Cafe, Dealz, Different Strokes, Partridge’s Bistro, Eco Pizzeria and Restaurant, Halford’s Hair Studio, Sue Ryder Charity Shop, Talk to Tom and Boots…if I forgot anyone, apologies… but we look forward to seeing you next year!
Huzzah till next time me Hearties, Huzzah...

Jack Sparrow -CAPTAIN!”