So, we are now over half-way through lockdown and there is no doubt that there is definitely less to do this time compared to the last one (I miss the longer evenings and sunshine as well). But I have to say that the mood about this lockdown is a lot different compared to the last one. There are more services open/available this time. There is also a somewhat reasonable end insight that, going by the COVID 19 numbers daily, is realistic also. There is also a lot less uncertainty, as we are more educated on the virus, compared to last time.

I think it is fair to say though for a lot of people, they are either out of work or due to the level 5 restrictions, work is quieter and therefore we may have more time on our hands. So, what can we do to pass the time? Well, this is individual to us all but in this blog, I am going to give a few suggestions and you can see what you think.

1. Start a project
Now this can be something like learning a new skill, doing an online course, getting some home DIY done or painting a room. One great thing COVID has brought is a range of online courses that were not available before but are now due to businesses getting more creative with how they do business. DIY/decorating is not for everyone, so if you feel that this is something that is over your head, then that’s ok. Be realistic about what is achievable for you to do.

2. Do some baking or cooking
Again, not for everybody but dare I say, Christmas is just around the corner and why not get some practice in beforehand. I feel that this year, people are giving out a lot less about people preparing for Christmas so early, but everyone seems to agree, we all need some cheer in our lives. So, if baking/cooking makes you happy, go for it.

3. Spend a Day watching TV/Netflix
Yes, you are reading this right. Everyday, for the rest of this lockdown is not going to be easy, so it is important to be kind to ourselves and have days where we can just take it easy.

4. Take time for exercise
This can be anything from a leisurely walk, to cycling/running, yoga or working out with your gym equipment at home. Most of us have some form of exercise that gives us a mental release. I know weather is not always kind to us. The darker evenings do not help either. But we are lucky that Gorey town itself is so well lit up and, once we are wearing HI-Vis gear ourselves, it is fairly safe to exercise around the town if it is not possible to do our exercise at home.

5. Declutter
Now this will not apply to everyone, but some people (including myself) tend to hoard some things that we should have got rid of years ago. Now this can be as big or as small a job you like it to be. You can clear out cupboard/press, a room/attic, or the entire house. It is up to you. Just make sure that you can finish what you have started. Doing a job like this can help take a weight off your shoulders and declutter your mind.

From a physiotherapists point of view, make sure every task you take on is somewhat achievable and do not hurt yourself in the process of your endeavours, whether they are new or old. If you are starting or restarting an activity, make sure that you build yourself up gradually to achieve the activity.

Also remember, that if you do get any pain or injury during lockdown, Gorey Physical Therapy is still available for appointments, so if you need physiotherapy during this time contact Lorraine @ 0872101281 or email [email protected].