Motivation for two great Gorey Running Events taking place this Spring by Lorraine Furney of Gorey Physical Therapy

So, we are now over a month into 2023, the new year. How are we all getting on with those new year resolutions? Still going strong?

Well done. It’s hard starting something or giving something up. Haven’t started yet? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to begin/give up anything. Just get yourself into the right frame of mind. Easier said than done, I know, but this is no where near my area of expertise so maybe look elsewhere for that. Finding it difficult to stick to, well this is something I can relate to. Started a new healthy eating regime, or exercise regime or started a new walking/running plan. Finding your not necessarily meeting the targets you are not meant to meet? Go easy on yourself. Think of this as a transition phase. You are easing yourself into this. If it is a thing that is changing weekly, or monthly, think about doing a tough week for an extra week. If you are under the guidance of someone i.e., a coach, strength and conditioning coach or a nutritionist, talk to them about your struggles. This is what they have really trained for or should be prepared for anyway.

A great way to meet your target is to set yourself some goals. Maybe not to lose so much weight by such and such a date, but to be able to do something by a certain date. For instance, if you have started running, the Gorey Night Run is on, the 16th of  February 2023. Always a great night and great atmosphere and so many people go to this and are very happy with how they have done. Maybe do not see this as the night to run your first 5km if you are not there yet. But set yourself a realistic time, that you can strive for. Similarly, the Great Gorey Run is on the 12 th of March 2023. This has 2 race options. The 5km and the 10 miles. This could be your day to do a 5km without stopping, or if you are ready or it is an aim of yours, run the 10 mile or run/walk it instead, with the goal of running it eventually.

If running is not your thing though, there are so many different events for cycling, triathlons, or swimming. Just get in touch with your local club for that sport and see what they have in the pipeline. This is a great time to be getting involved in sport, there, are so many sports that are available now locally, that were not around before. You can just pop on to the website and see what they have on offer or simply google it instead.

Also, remember when starting a new regime, no matter what it is, help will always help you adhere to it better. Also, remember taking baby steps is key. If you are starting a new exercise regime, start slowly. Diving into a new regime without taking a graded approach, can lead to injury. Ease yourself into it and then increase your exercise as advised to do. If, though, by any chance you do get an injury, do not hesitate to contact me at 0872101281, or email [email protected]. You can also book online at  Remember injury may not always happen by overdoing it. It can also be an old injury coming back to haunt you. This can also be resolved with physiotherapy, so again, do not hesitate to get in contact.

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