New Year Resolutions?

Where to start?

By Lorraine Furney – Gorey Physical Therapy




It is that time of year again. It is time to make the new year resolution(s). It could be the health kick that you are starting in January. It could be the better mental health or self care are starting for yourself. Or it could be several different things. Well last week has probably been a write off because of the kids only going back to school at the end of the week, the bank holiday, the lack of routine and the last of the Christmas food in the house from last week (being so readily available to eat and drink).

Well, I think it is fair to say that the new year starts this week so, the health kick also starts this week. This may be a mental, physical, or emotional health kick. Health is not simply just about the physical aspect. How you are mentally and emotionally is just, if not more important for your health. This can also help massively with your physical health also.

Anyway, back to the new year resolutions. A lot of us will start off and dive straight into the deep end with our resolutions. And you know what, there is nothing wrong with doing this. It can work for a lot of people. But for some of us, it will not work. What do you do then? Give up? Why does this have to be the case? The diet you started does not have to be as strict as it was to begin with. You can ease into it. Similarly exercise programmes. Maybe you are sore and possibly injured from going too hard at the beginning. I see this a lot in the new year or the summer. Well, there are ways to help avoid this.

You know the expression “Don’t run before you can walk”. Well, this can be literal also. If you do little or no walking, it would be a good idea to start with this, before you start running. Is it something you are struggling with? Maybe this is something you should get help with. There are great amenities in the town to help with this. The Stables in Gorey, Club Ashdown and Club Amber, as examples of you some the facilities that can help you with your fitness journey. They can help with running, strength, and fitness levels.

This year we have a real luxury, because there are a lot less restrictions, compared to last year. We can go to the gym, meet with other households outside to exercise and we can go outside our 5km radius to do any of the Wexford Trails that are in our locality or even further afield, South of the County or even outside the county. There are so many extra things available to us this year that we did not have last year, that we should avail of this year.

Now, is an injury what is holding you back? Well, I am just a phone call away to help with this. A lot of people start/restart a fitness journey and get injured down the road. This can be caused by over doing things to start with. It can also be caused by an old injury, that was never resolved and is now coming back to haunt you. With some rehab and patience, we can have you back at it again.

Anyway, change is not easy. That is why so many of us break our new year resolutions. But if we ease into them, go easy on ourselves when we fall off the wagon, be willing to do a restart and not be afraid to ask for help when we need it, then we may manage to do it. Remember that you learn more from mistakes, than most other things in life. And it is not all plain sailing, but that is ok.

If you are struggling with an exercise regime due to pain or injury, remember you can call me, Lorraine @ 0872101281 or email [email protected].