Gorey Town Park

A Word of thanks to our Gorey Gardening crew, Tidy Towns & The Town Park by Michael O’Callaghan

A Visit to Gorey Town Park by Michael O’Callaghan


Christmas 2023 is coming down the tracks at a very rapid pace. The streets lights are now brightening
up our evening and night-time environment. Every shop window is awash with festive cheer and the
atmosphere is contagious.
As I walk around town, I note other aspects of life continue apace. The streets are still being cleaned.
our bins are emptied, and the grass is still being trimmed and kept well maintained by the Gorey and
Kilmuckridge Authority’s gardening crew.
As preparations were in full swing for the big switch on of the Christmas lights and arrival of Santa
on Gorey’s Main Street the town gardening crew had taken delivery of 2000 crocus and tete a tete
daffodil bulbs. These were lovingly planted in all the planters around town, and we can look forward
to a dazzling display of colour on our streets in the springtime of 2024.
As I stroll around town today, I see them busily engaged in putting the Christmas present boxes in
place wrapping them around the planters. They really add to the festive atmosphere around the
bustling busy festive streets of lovely Gorey.


Gorey Town Park (9)

Gorey is constantly improving its image and it is nice to see the tidy towns people cleaning up the area just beyond the Railway Bridge on the Arklow Road. It looks so much better already since it was trimmed and tidied up. This is an ongoing project. Have a look at it as you pass by.
When I was strolling today, I noticed a new wheelchair accessible toilet was being installed next to
the coffee pod in The Town Park. This has the latest in technology in this area with personal key access for wheelchair users and it is a welcome addition to the park which is already a very inclusive area.
The sensory garden is specifically designed to be friendly for people with autism. Planting is selected for touch, taste, smell, and sight. There's a water feature and musical instruments for sound, and they are currently working on signage to explain the sensory aspects of the garden. The signage will also feature a QR code which links to a narrated video exploring the garden to cater for people with limited or no vision.
The raised beds were specifically designed to allow wheelchair users and those with limited mobility to come into closer contact with the plants. The tarmac surface and wide circulation areas are also ideal for wheelchair users. The Tidy Towns Committee have worked closely with the Council office to ensure the garden is accessible to all people with special needs.

Elsewhere in the park there is a wheelchair accessible roundabout, a sound feature, and there is a large sized communication’s board in each play area which is an excellent addition to the Park Play areas.
This consists of a sheet of symbols, pictures, or photos, that children will learn to point to, to
communicate with those around them. Speech is difficult for some children. They may find it difficult to make people understand what they are trying to say. Have a look out for the boards on your next visit to the park. They are clearly visible.The art work on the raised beds panels by talented local artist ,Kate Kos, further adds to the visual appeal of this very attractive Park feature.

Yes, we love you Gorey and we say thank you to all the council staff and tidy towns volunteers and
workers on temporary schemes who maintain our living and play areas so well. Next time you see
them working around town you might stop and thank them or maybe join the tidy towns group.


Gorey appreciates all the work you do for all of us throughout the year and it is looking exceptionally well for the 2023 festive season.


We wish you all a happy Christmas. Mick O Callaghan

Christmas windows Gorey (2)
Christmas windows Gorey (2)