Tangent Trinity’s Ideas Workspace extends its Innovation courses to Athlone & Wexford under the Springboard+ 2020 Initiative

Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, has been successful in securing an allocation of Springboard+ funding for 5 Level 9 Postgraduate Certificate courses this year. This will provide 270 places for individuals with an interest in innovation & entrepreneurship including regional-tailored programmes for the Athlone & Wexford regions.

Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, is the home of innovation and start-up activity in Ireland’s number 1 University and European leader in student entrepreneurship. Over the past 12 months, over 330 students have successfully completed a Postgraduate Certificate course run by Tangent that equips them with the core skills needed for innovative thinking, much needed within enterprise and society today. The range of courses are aimed at budding entrepreneurs, those wanting to upskill in the workplace and those seeking to equip themselves for a return to work or a change in career. With the most recent funding, Tangent will re-open its Postgraduate Certificate courses to a further 270 students in the coming months, including two new iterations of last year’s highly successful Innovation & Enterprise Development programme specifically aimed at those in the Athlone & Wexford regions.
Ken Finnegan, CEO of Tangent, commented: “As well as supporting the collection of indigenous and international enterprise in the Wexford and Athlone regions, it is important that we cultivate new entrepreneurs and start-ups, particularly during these challenging times. We are delighted to be able to offer lifelong learning opportunities through which individuals will get to explore the changing nature of the workplace, learning how to recognise, generate and communicate opportunities and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set.”
Tangent’s approach is to engage with industry partners & collaborators in order to offer an experiential and collaborative approach to learning. Run entirely online for this year, the courses present students with experience of real-world projects and offer them access to business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and industry mentors who can help them with their own ideas & opportunities.
Under the Springboard+ programme, eligible students who are unemployed or are returning to the workforce will not have to pay fees, while those in employment will pay only 10% of the course fee. The courses offered by Tangent are all part-time and offer level 9 qualifications from Trinity College Dublin. More details, including how to apply, can be found at https://www.tcd.ie/tangent/education/postgraduate/


Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, is the home of innovation and entrepreneurship activity in Ireland’s no.1 University, Trinity College Dublin. Trinity College Dublin is a leading university that has been associated with original thought and innovation for over four centuries. The university is in a unique position to drive innovation in today’s world of constant change. Rooted in Ireland and globally-engaged, Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace aims to inspire the next generation of student entrepreneurs and start-ups by enabling them to explore new possibilities and creating a front door to the dynamic and burgeoning entrepreneurship community in Dublin.
At the heart of Dublin’s tech industry, Tangent plays a key role in developing innovation within the national startup ecosystem and has a proven track record of success in innovation with award-winning educational and training programmes, successful start-ups supported through our summer accelerator programme along with an established programme of events.
Tangent encompasses a number of core activities that contribute to the University’s mission to deliver economic, cultural and social value through innovation and entrepreneurship. The range of educational courses on offer equip people with new ways of thinking, new tools and methods to harness potential and make an impact either in the workplace, in creating new initiatives, in pursuing a career change or in building their own start-ups.
Tangent equips undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students with the relevant techniques in design thinking, opportunity recognition and idea generation and with access to business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and industry mentors who can help translate their ideas into value. Through collaboration with companies large and small, each course involves industry partners in order to offer an experiential and collaborative approach to learning and presenting students with experience of real-world projects.