How to prepare for the 2022 Gorey night run?

By Lorraine Furney – Gorey Physical Therapy



Gorey Night Run is finally back. The event that fills the streets of Gorey, will be back (well to a certain
extent anyway). For some this is exciting news. To others, although you may be excited, you may feel
a certain amount of dread also. The thoughts of the potential crowds. Well, I am certain that the
event organisers will have a protocol in place for this. On top of this, Pop Up Races, will have worked
at loads of events over the last year or so. So, they will be running the event like a well-oiled

About, taking part in the event, I have some tips for where you should place yourself within the start
line of the race. So, this will depend on your fitness level. The fit and strong will be among the front
of the start line. And should be there. They have good fitness and are used to pacing themselves,
meaning they won’t burn out before the end of the race. It’s a strategic move made by them,
therefore the rest of us, need to be strategic about where we put ourselves.

People with buggies or babies should go to the back. This is what they generally do at park run and it
works. Dogs particularly can be a trip hazard, but people could be constantly bumping into your
buggy, if you are not at the back. Which is not pleasant for the child that is in it.

Now if you are relatively new to running, but can run 5k, DO NOT GO TO THE FRONT. You will
possibly start off too fast and may not be able to finish the race running, which could affect your
confidence when it comes to running. Keep back a little from the start and start off at your usual
pace. For someone who is a walker/jogger, go to the middle of the pack for starting. There’s less
pressure and you will be around people who are at your own pace. Which will help your give the
best to the race.

Now for the walkers, stick to the back and enjoy the race. Now, my fitness would not be great at the
moment, so I will most likely walk this. And for anyone who is afraid to do this race because they are
embarrassed to walk it, DO NOT BE EMBARASSED. Walking is brilliant. Physically and mentally. And
there will be loads of people there walking. So just enjoy it. Just because it is a night run, does not
mean you have to run it. The whole point of this event, is to raise money for North Wexford Hospice.
So enjoy it. And think about what good you are doing by taking part.

If pain or injury is stopping you from walking or running, make sure to get in contact with Lorraine
from Gorey Physical Therapy @ 0872101281 or email [email protected]

To sign up for the Gorey Night Run on the 24th Feb click here