Executive Director – Melanie Croce

In recognition of the wonderful work carried out by the team at Seal Resuce Ireland located in Courtown Love Gorey will be featuring news and updates on the work of the organisation and the people behind it!  We are delighted to start with Melanie Croce who hails from the US but has set up home here in North Wexford.  Melanie is a driving force behind the work of Seal Rescue Ireland and her passion for this rescue work and the environment shines through in every conversation!

After studying Environmental Science at Virginia Tech University, Melanie went on to do environmental consulting work on the BP Oil Spill Response on the Gulf Coast, before becoming an Animal Care and Education Intern for SRI back when it was known as ‘Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary’ in 2013. From there, she went on to gain further wildlife nonprofit experience as Research Associate for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, followed by a long term post doing sea turtle and endangered primate conservation and ecotourism work on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. With this new diversity of international skills, she was invited back to Ireland as SRI’s Operations Manager in April 2017, later to become Executive Director, a role she has held since. Her passion for wildlife and environmental conservation and tireless commitment to SRI has been fundamental to the organisation’s growth.


Melanie Croce Seal Rescue Ireland