Hello from Sydney

Gorey Rose of Tralee 2023

Hello From Sydney

Now that I am back in the land down under after a couple of absolutely amazing few weeks and months, I wanted to take the time to reflect and thank those who have made my journey in the Rose of Tralee so memorable and important including those of the people of wexford and gorey!.

When I first applied for the ROT it was in mind that there was a little girl inside of me who never believed she could have been a rose, or that I would have been in the position to have been able to apply for it.

So, for me, it was never about the “winning” or getting to a certain stage, merely for me it was that I believed the woman that I am now has a story and a journey that I am proud of and that I in fact did deserve to apply and be a part of the processes as anyone does. Of course, the idea of being in with a chance to represent Sydney and what all that meant for me and my family was an extra layer of emotion and pride in my journey.

Reflecting on this and the journey I have been on, has filled me with so much happiness and love that is hard to describe. From the beginning of the process back in March 2023 to where I am now as the 60th anniversary Sydney rose, each person I have met along the way, my rose sisters and now friends that I have made for life.

My journey as the Sydney rose meant that I could bring some excitement and happiness to those in my community back home of north Wexford and of course my family and friends. A sense of togetherness that I have never experienced, and one I wholeheartedly welcome and will never forget.

To the people of North Wexford and of course Gorey. I cannot thank you enough for the hospitality and kindness you have shown me, my fellow rose sisters and of course I know I can also speak on behalf of our wonderful Wexford Rose Bronagh, when I say we cannot thank you enough.

What a beautiful county to be from, and one that I was so proud and happy to showcase to 31 international roses. A special thank you to the Ashdown hotel Gorey and all of the staff there for having us during our time in Wexford it was a privilege to start the tour off in Gorey and Co Wexford. Walking down the street of Gorey filled me with so much pride, to see the locals show so much hospitality, to see the vibrant bustling shops and street performances come alive is a testimony to the town itself. Of course, for me it was made even more special to hear the cheers and signs from my family, friends and community members far and wide who came out to support me.

A special mention of thanks to all the wonderful businesses in Gorey and the surrounding areas of Wexford that provided me with sponsorship and support such as Liz Collins boutique, Ruby rouge, Le Crème boutique, McGuire’s Jewellers, Lu&Mol, hickeys pharmacy, Helen Stedmond MUA, Tracey Murphy millinery and so many more that can be found on the @Sydneyroseoftralee Instagram and Facebook page.

I am so fortunate to have made lifelong friends with 31 inspiring, strong and successful women and have lifelong memories and experiences that will stay with me forever. All while representing Sydney my centre, community of North Wexford and my family. I have grown so much and I know that this is only the beginning.

Finally, for me I got to remember my Brother Matthew on this 7th Anniversary, and remind those and you reading that no matter what your background, your family dynamic the challenges that you may have faced, that you can be, and achieve anything you wish you deserve and put your mind too. Also that if you feel like you are struggling with your mental health, that you are loved, and wanted on this earth, and if you are struggling to see that or look for help, there are professionals out there that dedicate their life like myself, to reminding you, giving you professional advice and of course holding the hope for you that you may need.


But for now,Thank you so much for the experience and memories,


Your 2023 Sydney Rose of Tralee and proud North Wexford woman Aoife x

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Kilanerin Food and Heritage Festival
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