Did you know the car park at Springmount Garden Centre is part of the old road between Gorey and Wexford and that current owner Elaine Warren and her brother, Richard, cycled past the three oak trees, still in the car park, to the Old Schoolhouse in Ballycanew every morning!

The existing shop used to be the potting shed where plants were potted up for sale and bags were filled up with top soil for customers to take home with their plants

At that time, the distant 1970s!, Ella grew all the bedding from seed herself and her ‘shop’ was a little second-hand hut her husband, George Warren, found abandoned and brought back to Springmount on the back of a trailer!

The plants were kept behind the potting shed where sheep had grazed and customers were often confused when Ella would send them to “The Sheep Pen” to look for plants!

And look what a fine establishment it is today!

Springmount Garden Centre Gorey

Springmount Garden Centre Gorey