The village of Cranford achieved first class recognition for the tremendous commitment to their work as part of the IPB Pride of Place Awards.  In an awards ceremony in Kilkenny’s Lyrath Hotel they were awarded First Place in Category Two – Population Category 300 – 1000.

The purpose of the competition is to acknowledge the work being done every day by communities all over the island of Ireland. Since the competition commenced the judges met hundreds with thousands of people, all of whom are proud of their place throughout the island of Ireland. The competition is based on communities demonstrating directly to the judges their pride in their place by oral presentation, exhibitions of community activities and culture and a tour of the area highlighting the aspects of which they are particularly proud. It was important that the community demonstrates real partnership with their local council and shows that all sectors of the community are included. The Wexford Co Council contact for this project was Michael Sweeney.

The evaluation of Cranford summarised the village as follows “Set in picturesque rural North Wexford, Craanford village lies between Carnew in Co Wicklow and the vibrant town of Gorey in Co Wexford. The delightful aqua park leads into a quaint village steeped in ancient history dating back to 1798. Local committees work together to make Craanford an attractive destination in which to live and visit. Craanford is a very positive, forward-looking and innovative community. Volunteerism is strong and vibrant and there are wonderful amenities for all. If the old saying “It takes a village to rear a child” is true then the community is in a very privileged position in Craanford. Their motto is “One thing leads to another; everything is connected” which is reflected in all aspects of local community life, from education to lifestyle. Craanford works continuously with local businesses, Council and voluntary groups to create a vibrant proactive community that places a strong emphasis on improving the lives of all the people.”

Citing the reasons for their win feedback from the judges said “It was not just the many and varied initiatives and projects – and there were many – successfully undertaken by this go-ahead community that impressed the judges but also an underlying and all-embracing community spirit. It almost goes without saying that volunteers carry out much of the vital project work. On the day of the judges’ visit the whole village turned out in support of the competition. An 18th Century Corn Mill has been lovingly restored and a wonderful sports complex completed, but the flagship project was undoubtedly the building of an underpass giving children safe passage to their local school.”

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all the team behind this wonderful effort on showcasing North Wexford and compliment them on their drive, determination and team spirit!

Well done to all!