Hello again, Clare from The Refillery here with Decembers Eco-Blog thanks to the @lovegorey crew.

We are all hopefully getting into the festive spirit around now, and we hope you are staying safe.

With Christmas fast approaching we thought we would give you five ideas for sustainable gifts that are kind to you, kind to the environment and kind to your pocket. We hope you enjoy it. 

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Replace cotton wool with Bamboo Fibre reusable face pads.

Cotton wool uses more water per kilo to make than the average person drinks in three years not to mention the pesticides used. It is non-biodegradable due to the bleaching and mixing processes required and if you are applying a liquid like make-up, it actually absorbs a third of it. It ends up in landfills or worse.

Switching to reusable bamboo fibre, sustainable pads, saves water, saves waste and your make-up will last longer and come off quicker. A great gift for all users of face cleansers or make-up.


Replace a plastic razor with a reusable one.

Over 2 billion single use plastic razors are dumped every year in the US alone. These highly marketed expensive razors are not recyclable due to the mix of materials contained in them and end up in landfills or the oceans.

A reusable razor will last for years and years, cost less than a months supply of disposable blades and the reusable blades can be recycled. A gift anybody with unwanted hair will enjoy.


Replace plastic Bodywash & Shampoo bottles with a simple bar of soap.

Billions of plastic Shampoo and Bodywash bottles are created from fossil fuels and disposed of every year. Some are recyclable, but the actual recycling rates are abysmal. The liquids can contain palm oil which contributes to global deforestation, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a chemical foaming agent which can cause dry skin, damage eye tissue, mimics estrogen when it is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream and is linked to the formation of carcinogenic nitrates and dioxins. There are other nasties in them too.

A simple change to a bar of natural Irish soap and Shampoo bars saves your health and wellbeing, the waterways and reduces waste. A great gift for any occassion.


Choose a reusable cup.

A staggering 500 billion single use cups are disposed of immediately after use every year worldwide. Most are compostable nowadays but how many actually are composted. They generally end up in landfills or at the side of the road, we have all seen them.

Why not go reusable. There are so many different types to choose from. Even collapsable ones that fit neatly into your coat pocket. A fantastic gift for the takeaway coffee lover in the family.


Choose Plastic free, Sustainable and Compostable Bamboo products.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable alternatives to plastic and wood. It is fast growing with some species growing up to three feet per day and is in the Guinness book of records as the fastest growing plant on earth. It is stronger than oak, is more resistant to water and UV compared with most other woods. Textiles made with bamboo are softer, more breathable and thermoregulating than cotton.  plant.

Make a simple choice and swap to a bamboo toothbrush, Comb, Hairbrush among others. They make great stocking fillers and help the environment along the way.