Love Gorey Subscriptions are recurring annual payments. By making payment on our website you agree to recurring annual payment. Subscriptions to Love Gorey run for 12 months from the date of receipt of your payment.

On receipt of payment, Love Gorey will contact you for the information and images required for your listing.

When you purchase a subscription to Love Gorey, you agree to pay the price stated at the time of your order. You also agree to the recurring billing frequency – one year – specified at the time of your order.

During Membership Sign Up, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Payments are non-refundable and your listing and promotions will run for 12 months until the date of your renewal.

Your payment, listing and promotions will continue from your renewal date. If you do not wish to renew, please contact us in writing, up to seven days before your annual renewal date, by filling in our contact form or by email to [email protected] requesting cancellation of your billing and listing. We will arrange to cancel your recurring payment, remove your listing and your business will not feature on future promotions across Love Gorey’s platforms.

Love Gorey reserves the right to review and amend its annual subscription rates which will apply on your renewal.
Subscription changes will take effect from your next billing date after the notice period. If you do not wish to continue your subscription at the revised rate, you may cancel your subscription up to seven days before your annual renewal date.

Promotion on Love Gorey is in accordance with that set out on the Membership Sign Up page.

Your business will be promoted across and our Facebook and Twitter profiles, and fortnightly newsletter.

Premium subscribers can book one week of enhanced PR, to be notified to [email protected].
If information in relation to your business – such as email/web address, location – change, please let us know and we will happily amend those details on your listing on the Love Gorey website.

Thank you for your support, we will look forward to promoting your business or organisation through the Love Gorey Campaign.

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