Weekend Wonders for  #NorthWexford 

Congratulations!  You made it through January and for anyone who began this month in fear of lockdowns can you believe the restrictions have lifted and we can now look forward to planning events and making plans for 2022!  How lucky we are here in North Wexford to have so many natural amenities to enjoy!  Here are some suggestions for your weekend!  


A walk in the woods in Courtown

There is nothing like a walk in nature to soothe the soul and Courtown woods is a favorite of so many here in North Wexford, you can be surrounded by stunning ancient trees then enjoy views of our beautiful coastline within minutes! For instagram worthy pictures be sure to explore under the bridge and of course tag @lovegorey!  

Enjoy a delicious crepe and coffee from La Crêpe Abeille Café afterwards! 

la crepe ab courtown

Live Music Returns to Jack's Tavern Camolin

When was the last time you caught up with friends, listened to some live music and enjoyed some great food?  All 3 are available on Saturday night in Jack’s Tavern in Camolin!  Enjoy some delicious food from their extensive menu and see Dave Clark perform on Saturday night from 10pm!  


Celebrate the Feast Day of St Aidan

To mark the Feast Day of St. Aidan, a site visit and talk is being organised for next Sunday, 30th January at 10.30am in Ferns. The site visit will take place in the area where archaeological works have taken place in recent years followed by a visit to St. Mogue’s Well where the focus will be on St. Aidan’s miracles and their possible meanings – this section will be more of a conversation with participants. To join the event, please meet at the entrance to the old graveyard by the Cathedral at 10.30am. The event is being organised by the Ferns Heritage Project and will last 1 hour. For more information please email: [email protected].

 Just before Christmas Gorey welcomed Miller Cake Studio to their new premises on Main St, above the House of Cards! This is the second branch of this hugely popular cafe with the original operating in Marley Park!

Open Tuesday to Saturday make this your Saturday breakfast treat and the perfect spot to catch up with friends! You might even end up staying for some of their delicious cakes to accompany their coffee menu! 



toy show barbecue cowboys
toy show barbecue cowboys