Changing Season and Changing Life!

When thinking about how to introduce myself as a new member on the Love Gorey website, it seemed timely to write a little about Change. Life is all about change, and yet we as humans tend to resist change and find it hard to adjust, especially to change we haven’t chosen!

Autumn has arrived, a change in Season and with it come shorter days and cooler weather. So one example of a change that we can’t influence, and many find this a difficult time of the year. Those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), find the lack of light and sunshine causes them to feel low and depressed. Alongside the coming of Autumn this year, of course we have the added very challenging changes in our lives caused by the Coronavirus.

How are people coping with these changes? We see many different ways around us of this, and for certain there is a lot of stress, worry and frustration in evidence. Compounding this of course is the fact that we have really no idea how long it may take for life to resume some sort of normality.

Looking again at Nature, and the changes taking place at this time – it came to me that it is a time that the natural world begins to slow down, and there is a withdrawing rather than outward growth as in earlier seasons. If we look at ourselves, perhaps we can take something from this? Can we begin to slow down a bit? Not just in rushing here and there physically, but also in our minds. Can we learn how to steady our worrying and racing minds? I’m well aware that for many people this comment may sound too easy, when they have real and very challenging situations to deal with. However, there are ways – simple, practical and very effective which can and do assist greatly with this. (They form part of mindfulness and meditation which you can read later on if interested).

Along with feeding our bodies well with nourishing food, what are we feeding our minds with? I think we’re all aware of the pull of the news and social media, to keep ourselves updated on the current situation with the virus, numbers etc. It is of course, helpful to be informed. Very good also though to consider the amount of time spent on this, as a constant diet of negative news is a very good way to inflame the worries and fears in our minds. This then feeds into our stress and on a day-to-day basis can make life feel very difficult, and lower our mood considerably. Following on then, it is more difficult for us to face and deal with whatever problems we may have going on.

So, what else can we do to help ourselves at this time?
Are we taking the obvious steps that most people are aware of such as getting enough rest, and moderate exercise?
How much can we be in the present? Here and now in the present moment? For example, out walking to observe the changing colours of the leaves in the trees, the whole of nature all around us. Can we listen to the person who is talking to us as carefully as we can?

Have we given ourselves permission to find some humour in our days? What is there to laugh about some may ask? Well, it seems that people who laugh and share a joke are able to find themselves less stressed and more content. Laughter is a good medicine and has been shown to be healing. Maybe digging out a favourite comedy to watch, or getting involved in a new hobby or interest could assist with this.

Personally, over the past few months, I have been very inspired, uplifted and touched by the many artistic offerings placed in Gorey woods (Ramsfort), by children and adults. Behind these words and creations there is obviously care, love and a wish to share these gifts with others. Some are very humorous too! There may be times in our everyday lives when we may ask ourselves if there is someone we know who might benefit from a card or a telephone call? Many people find that giving something to another is a great way to lift their own spirits!

What can any of us do, but the best we can in each day? We certainly cannot change the weather, or the virus itself, but we can change as much as we are able, our reactions to these. By doing this, we can find much more peace, confidence in ourselves, and the ability to live our lives amidst the real and very challenging times we are living in.

Warmest wishes for a peaceful and healthy autumn.

Bernadette McPhillips

My name is Bernadette McPhillips and I moved to live in Gorey full-time in early March this year. I am setting up a Therapy Practice to offer services to the local community and would like to briefly give a little background to experience and interests.

Starting with social work, I began working in this profession almost 35 years ago and gained much experience across a large number of client groups. Almost 20 years ago I began to train as a Counsellor and Healer, and then ran a busy practice in Dublin before moving to Gorey. This work is a great inspiration to me as I learn constantly from those I work with, and thoroughly enjoy seeing positive growth for those to come for help.
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